100% Off Coupon not working after publishing my first membership

I fully tested this before I published the membership so not sure why it isn’t working now?

  1. I’ve connected my stripe account and just published my first reoccurring membership
  2. I’ve setup a 100% off coupon
    When going through checkout the modal window pops up as before and then prompts for payment details - as expected. I enter the coupon code which is recognized and applies 100% off but then when I hit the button “confirm and pay $0.00” nothing happens and the modal window just stays there.

Testing in Chrome & mobile safari browser…

What am I/ memberstack doing wrong?

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Hey Tim! Did you create the coupon in Stripe or in Memberstack?

I created the coupon in Memberstack.

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And in the backend the stripe dashboard report is recognizing that new customers have been created but not adding the customer details to the customer area…

And I have just tested purchasing without the 100% discount code and the transaction went through ok.

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Hey Tim!

Please DM me the coupon. I’ll replicate the problem and share with the dev team.

Also, can you create an identical coupon with the name coupon? If it happens again, we definitely have a bug here.

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Hey @DuncanHamra having the same issue with a client site https://www.triggersgo.com. It happens with any 100% off forever coupon we create. Any updates? I can DM you a coupon to try here too if needed, just let me know.

Hi @DuncanHamra, this is also happening with me.

Hey @mdmadmin, @asksj, @rpreswick,

Just checking in here to let you know Tyler fixed the 100% off coupon bug this week🎉

Let us know if you have any problems!


Thank you for letting us know!

Is there a reason that I can’t delete the Coupon? What’s the thinking/ desired functionality around that?

I don’t want to leave a 50% off coupon floating out there on the internet for anyone to use rather, just a coupon that’s valid for anyone who signs up before the end of May - make sense?

Hey Tim :wave:

You should be able to delete coupons. Go into the coupon page and click on the coupon you want to delete. Then scroll to the bottom and you should see a delete coupon button. :smiley:

Which is exactly what I am doing - then I’m clicking confirm but it’s not being deleted…

Hey Tim :wave:

Did you delete in stripe first? Just trying to figure out what’s going on. :smiley:

Haven’t deleted any coupons in stripe - haven’t even looked into it…

Are there any dependencies I should be aware of?

There shouldn’t be any dependencies. I this happens again I will report a bug but havent seen it anywhere else yet. :smiley: