3 types of membership - hidden elements - ms-HELP

Hi, I have 3 types of membership

  1. Basic (default) assigned to whoever signs up - this is free - doesnt have access to anything “part” or “full” does.
  2. Part Member
  3. Full Member

Part and full have access to different content.

I’m getting really confused with the ms-hide versions as it is not clear what is for what - I think combined with the 3 levels of membership this is really confusing.

Can someone help to tell me the attributes I should use for:

  1. Hide elements from all logged out users.
  2. Hide elements from all basic users.
    1. Hide elements from all part members.

My focus here is on show/hiding elements based on membership, I know how to do pages.

Full members get access to everything.

Any help would be amazing :slight_smile:


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Hi @Snowflake! Hidden content can get confusing quickly.

So to confirm, you have 3 memberships and 2 types of content.

  1. Basic
  2. Part - has content
  3. Full - has content

I recommend setting up hidden content so basic doesn’t grant access to anything, part grant access to part, and full grants access to part and full.

From there, you can use ms-hide=“part” or ms-hide=“full” to tag content that’s not an entire page. Using ms-hide=“part” works in the same way as hiding a page.

Does that clarify things at all?

Hi Duncan,

Thanks for getting back to me on this. I find the ms-hide confusing.

Does the specified variables ie “part” show that tag content to those who fall into “part” or hide it from them?

So if I want to hide content from “part” members, I use ms-hide=“part” on the content that…

I also have some elements on public pages that I do not want users to see if they are logged out - do we use the same variable there?



Great question! We’re about to release some changes that will make this more clear going forward.

ms-hide is going to become something like ms-content.

If a member can see a “Full” content page, then they can also see ms-hide=“full.” Does that make more sense?

If a basic user visits a page with an ms-hide=“full” element, then Memberstack will hide it from them in the same way it would hide an entire page.

ok great that makes sense now. This got really confusing. Definitely change that naming :slight_smile:

I’ll implement today/tomorrow and confirm success!

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I am confused as well.