A dropdown menu visible just for members

How can I hide an element of my nav bar (dropdown button) for non members of my website?

I think it is very confusing the ms-hide and ms-hide-element.

I have tryed both but didn´t work.


Hi Othon,

ms-hide or data-ms-content should work just fine. Select the element, and apply a custom attribute ms-hide or data-ms-content with the value of your plan.


For this to work, check the following steps:

  1. Go to https://app.memberstack.io/hidden and click on the New Hidden Content button. Give it a name. In my example, I am using Premium Pages.

  1. Go to Memberships https://app.memberstack.io/memberships and click on your membership. You will see the hidden content created during step 1 under Members Only Content. Switch it from red (no access) to green (has access).

  1. Go back to Memberships https://app.memberstack.io/memberships and check the Members Only Content section. Click on the Hide Content button on the right, and you will see the correct value, which you can use for your attribute.

  1. Select your element and add the attribute data-ms-content with the correct value.
  2. Publish and test :wink:

Hope this helped!