A few questions on setting up a new account

Hi! I’m very excited to have found your app! I’m playing around with setting it up for my static site and have a few questions.

  1. Google Analytics. I read about a unique welcome page for each plan. Is there a way to do it programmatically, like assign a plan to an event in js?

  2. Signup page. What if the user gets to signup page without visiting the pricing page first - they can only sign up for default membership plan. Is there an option to choose another plan at that point or a link to go back to pricing page?

  3. Locked content. I have two membership levels and the same page for both. I want the higher membership to be able to see all features, and the lower membership to see the features with a lock icon and an option to upgrade. What are my options here?
    I saw ms-hide-member=“basic, premium, etc” option. Where do I get the exact name of the plan? If my plan name is No Ads, would it be ms-hide-member=“No Ads”, or is there another place to find the short name?

  4. Upgrade button. I saw that sign up buttons are the same as upgrade when the user is a member. What should I do to change the text of the button to say “upgrade”? Is there a programmatic way to determine the plan the user has on page load, so that I can show them the correct pricing table (monthly vs yearly)?

  5. It appears that in my dev setup there is a div with the class ms-style has min-height of 100% which adds empty space after my footer. Is this a bug or something unique to my setup?

Thanks in advance,

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Hi Tatiana, that’s so good to hear! If you don’t mind my asking, how did you find MemberStack?

1.I’m not sure really :thinking: @belltyler?
2. Anytime a user clicks on a membership attribute MemberStack “remembers” that action. So, you can add buttons for all of your membership options right there on your pricing page. I recommend using styled radio buttons or a big of JS so users know which membership is currently selected. You can also add a link back to the pricing page if you want. That’s totally us to you :slightly_smiling_face:

3. You’re exactly right. “ms-hide=blablabla” are the attributes you want to use. You can find those attributes here
4. I think yes… I know you can determine the user’s current plan. Scott did it here. Show current subscription details on member dashboard page
5. Can you see what CSS and HTML element is causing that? Or share a link to a public page with the problem? I know I’ve seen that problem before, but I can’t remember what caused it.

Thanks for breaking down your questions! Make it way easier to answer :slight_smile:

Thanks for your response - I’m going to try your suggestions! I found MemberStack by googling membership solutions for static sites.

Here is where the 100% height style is coming from (I hope a screenshot is enough, if not, I can make a public page):

Looks like it’s being injected in the <head> along with some scripts:

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Can you try adding this code to your site? We’ll need to make some edits on our end as well

.ms-style {
   min-height: 0% !important;
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