A string of questions for you!

A few questions. We are a B2B publisher looking for improved subscription software. Here are some Qs for you:

  • When will you have Wordpress support

  • Do you support GBP

  • Can we have a metered paywall allowing a set number of free article views before payment prompt

  • How customisable are the popups

  • Can we manage subscriptions for multiple sites through one dashboard

  • Are email alerts / events easily customisable

  • Is it layered on top meaning lightweight etc?

  • Can we play with the number of free articles, benefits etc for say account creation/registration, vs paid subscribers?

  • Just to confirm, we can run this on the news site frontend, so we are operating a paywall similar to the New York Times or Washington post for visitors reading the news? That would be our purpose for this service

  • Do we own all the user data we collect through your system

  • If we ever decide to change subscription system provider, can we export the data as CSV and presumably all the stripe user tokens/subscriptions stay intact for a new provider to hook the data up to?

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Hi Michael! Great questions. Let me give 'em a go.

  1. Wordpress support is TBD. It’s hard to estimate. I’ll let you know when we’ve made some progress.

  2. Yup! GBP and a number of other currencies.

  3. Something like this? https://premium-blog.webflow.io/

  4. There are a few basic customizations available now (color & logo). We’re working on more right now. Additional customizations are available with a bit of CSS.

  5. Yes, but each site will need its own MemberStack account in most situations. If you’re okay with reusing page slugs and memberships, and having all of your members in a single list you could get by.

  6. You’ll need to manage emails via a third-party service like Mailerlite.

  7. Yes, MemberStack is lightweight and we’ll making improvements soon that will decrease the total size even more.

  8. Yup! You have total control over what’s offered in each subscription, but you’ll need custom code to limit the number of page views. I’ll guess this sort of functionality is possible for a few hundred dollars of custom dev work. It should be quite simple. Do you have a dev you could work with, or would you like help to find someone?

  9. Indeed! Technically, your customers own all of that data, and your company + MemberStack are just data controllers.

  10. Exactly! You can export anytime and transfer their Stripe accounts to another service. This is a manually process going in and out. Please let us know if you want to import those 1000 existing customers. We just need a few days notice and we’ll send you a checklist.