Activities/filters limited by subscription type?

So I’m curious to build a social networking platform on Webflow using Memberstack in which search filters are limited based on membership type and messages per day are also limited based on membership type. Would this be something achievable?

I’m wondering if it’s as simple as setting up some Zapier integrations, or doing some hackery in Webflow CMS to do this, or if Memberstack’s API is open enough to add-on something like this on my own.

If not, I’m curious if there’s any plan to have a community-based plugin library to add various pre-made features to a user’s website?


Hi @dalton, welcome to the community!

You can retrieve the member’s current membership through the API. Here’s a link to some documentation that explains how to do so:

My first thought is you could totally use the API the get their current membership, and then limit the search filters / messages per day accordingly.

This of course would require custom code though.

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Thanks for the quick response, Tyler! I’m excited to play around now that I know the API is open enough to achieve that, even with some custom work.

I’m sure you guys are already thinking about a community driven marketplace, but I’d be stoked to see that. Being able to just plug-in the features I want would save countless hours of work


Ah sweet!

What plug-in-play features would you like to see for a community driven marketplace?

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The immediate thought is some sort of all-encompassing limiter type of feature based on membership. But I realize that’s incredibly broad, so that’s why I figured a community driven marketplace would make sense. Let the community come up with solutions for the problems that users face. That’s why I think this marketplace would be perfect. Provide an ecosystem for talented users to provide solutions for all others