Add extra payment methods in the checkout form of Stripe


I have connected Stripe in my account. I have also checked other payment methods like iDeal and Bancontact in Stripe. But in the modal popup I only see the possibility to pay with credit card.

How can I add the extra options that I have checked in Stripe ?


Hey @stroel

Great question!

Unfortunately Memberstack currently only supports Stripe payment platform. Multiple payment options is on our roadmap although we donโ€™t have an exact ETA on when this will be ready yet. We are currently in the process of expanding our dev team from 1 to 2 with the hope to release new features faster and faster!

There is a forum thread here: Payment gateways where you can add your preferred payment method, we will look at this when we build this feature.

Hope you are keeping safe and well in these crazy times too๐Ÿ˜Š

Hi @mollyfloyd24,

Thank you for your answer. I have seen earlier today. But after reading that page, I thought you were working on a feature that allows us to link multiple payment gateways, next to Stripe.

But is this correct: after you connect your account with Stripe, and no matter what kind of payment methods you select in your Stripe account, you will only see the Credit Card option in MemberStack. Is that correct?


I just wanted to bump this.

For our business itโ€™s really important to have Bancontact and iDeal as a payment method as well. We have already linked this in our Stripe account, but MemberStack only allows to pay with credit card.


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Bancontact is much needed here too.