"Add to Quote List" Button/List

Hey, guys! I have a client who wants an “Add to Quote List” feature on their pseudo-ecommerce site.

Similar to this WooCommerce plugin:

I was hoping I’d be able to do this with Webflow Ecommerce, but there’s no way to use the Ecommerce functions (add to cart, checkout, etc) without requiring payment/shipping info.

I’m thinking we could use a variant of the like-and-save template, but it functions a bit differently than that. i.e. Users would be clicking a button on an individual product page to add to this list, which can be on its own page. Then on this page, it needs to display the full list of products, be able to remove products, and “Submit” the quote list, which would ideally send an email to the client with the list data. Another ideal would be to specify the number of that product they need, e.g. “Quantity = 5, Add to Quote List” then on the list page, it shows that there are five of that product in the list… but I don’t see a way to do that just yet.

Does anyone have any ideas? Anyone tried to do something like this yet?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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Hi Zach! As you already know, there’s not a “code-free” way to do this with MemberStack right now :thinking:

If the timeline and budget allow, I know you could find a JS developer to help with this. Then there’s Zapier and Integromate. I wonder if you could recreate all or most of the functionality you need this one of those tools.

This is a tough one. I’ll keep thinking about it, and maybe someone else will have some clever ideas.

How soon do you need to sort this out?

@ZachSean, I did this exact thing for clothing company that provides “stores” for golf tournaments. https://www.loom.com/share/18c0d2b7c1f74838a8fd8aab6b61c366 I use Webflow E-commerce to handle the “cart” and then bypass the checkout by sending the data directly to Zapier and then ultimately a Google Sheet. Their main store is on Shopify and I even wrote an integration that allows them to sync Shopify products to Webflow…but with the small adjustments needed to make their individual stores work in the context of a single WF site. :slight_smile:


This is awesome! Thanks so much for sharing, it’s great to know that this is possible.

My use case is probably a lot less complex than what you’ve built, so I’m hopeful, haha.

So what I need to figure out now is how to bypass the checkout part and pass that cart data :sweat_smile:

Thanks again, Jason!

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You’re welcome! Show us what you’ve built when you’re done. Inspiration is a great thing!

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