Add users from dashboard. Limited access

My client is looking for authentication for their Webflow site and of course member-stack came to mind.

The requirement is, add only particular users who have signed up for their product. Now they are fine with manually adding it but cannot have a public sign up page.

I tried adding a user from Dashboard but not sure how it would work in terms of user’s flow.

How would they log in without an email. Can we send them an email to sign up?

Anyone has any idea?

Hey Veer :wave:

What are you showing to the users? Is is a page that doesnt change? If so then maybe just password protecting the page would be a good idea. If you need a whole authentication system you could password protect a signup page and email the user the password and a link to the page to sign up. Here is a list of articles we have about webflow as well. :smiley:

So, just to confirm we cannot create users from the dashboard?

Also, would it work through Zapier if they change the plan to Scale?

You can add members through the dashboard. Go to this page and click on “add members” then “add a member”. The limitation right now is you won’t be able to add paid members. :smiley:

Yes, you can add new members through zapier on the Scale pricing plan. :grinning:

I tried that but the user I added didn’t get any email informing they have signed up.

Am I missing something?


Within the same zap you need to add an email action to email the new user. :smiley: