Adding a Memberstack Template an Existing Webflow Website

Hello everyone,
I am new here. Please, I need help. I am working on a website on Webflow, I would like to use #8 client dashboard on my website. When I look at all the tutorials on how to do that, there is an option to start with an existing template, but I do not see that when I try to follow the video tutorial.
How can I add the client dashboard template to my existing webflow website? I didn’t see any option to copy and paste the content/code. Is there a way to upload the template into my already existing webflow template/website?
Thank you.

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Hi Grace, you’ll need to click that little toggle Start from a template and enter the published domain of your website below.

Good luck! If you need any help, just let me know :slight_smile:


I am working on a website for a company. The website needs to be a secured website, have a lot of GB storage/database to store client’s information.

We also want to create a membership for clients, but the membership will allow paid members to have access to more storage space (& be able to upload/download more items). Is it possible to prevent free members or lower paid members from accessing higher paid membership features like more storage space/being able to upload more items? with Memberstack?

Also, does Memberstack offer forms that we can integrate with a website that can collect data and store the information?

Thank you!

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Hi Grace, are you wondering if Memberstack can help with the underlying functionality (like uploading files) or just gating access to those features?

At this time, Memberstack is helpful if you have something you need to gate and/or you want to charge for access to a feature. That said, you’ll still need to build the underlying features.

Does that help answer your question?

Hey @DuncanHamra,

I am also facing the same issue, is there a way to bring this template into an existing Webflow website? Without having to create another project on Webflow.

Thank you!

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!!! Why isn’t anyone answering this?

Cloning templates are futile when you need the template to be migrated to an existing site because now webflow doesn’t copy any interaction elements between projects.

I have site (a) that needs memberstack integration. You have tempalte (b). I need the functions from tempalte (b) to be easily migrated into project (a).