Adding MemberStack memberships to Webflow CMS Collections

Hi you smart people out there.

I’m trying to:

  1. Allow someone to create a membership on my site (got this figured out).
  2. Have that membership automatically be added to my Webflow CMS Collections.

My goal is to have someone create an account, add their custom information, have that be collected in Webflow CMS, then be displayed back in a dashboard page I’ve created.

Thanks in advance!!

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Hey Ian :wave:

  1. Awesome!
  2. When you say “membership” do you mean a specific page for each member? If so, this written tutorial and this excellent video tutorial by the wonderful @ChrisDrit should help!

Let us know how it goes

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Hi @DuncanHamra , thanks for the swift response.

What I mean is when a user creates their account, let’s call this person User 1, I want to route them to a page that allows them to upload images/PDFs and enter information that goes directly to the Webflow CMS.

I will then display that information stored in the CMS for User 2 to view on a dashboard page. I already have the members dashboard setup.

Thanks so much!

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Thank you for the kind words @DuncanHamra :pray:

@ian1 while I don’t have a video for your exact setup, I do have one that walks you through submitting a Webflow form into the Webflow CMS, let me know if this helps!

Full post here:

Also, part 2 layers in MemberStack for authentication if you need to see that as an example:


@ChrisDrit this was incredibly helpful and very informative. However, it got me through only the first step of what I’m trying to do—which was a success! I’m going to PM you now.