Additional member specific webflow pages by adding slug to Memberstack data

Hey everyone!

I have my site set up in webflow with Member specific pages set with their slug.

I was wondering if it is possible to add additional member specific pages by passing the sluf into a field in memberstack and then using the data attribute with a button in webflow, navigating to that page.

Has anyone tried this?

I’ve never tried that, but I’m curious :thinking: Give it a try and let us know!

Will do! How do you think someone would go about that? That’s the part I’m struggling with is implementing the attribute as a link with the button.

My typical approach is to set the member page via something like Zapier or Integromat. Here’s what I do…

  1. I capture the new MemberStack member being created in Zapier/Integromat
  2. Create a live item in Webflow, it returns a the slug that it auto-creates for me
  3. Update the newly added MemberStack members “member page” with that slug.

Then you can use the MemberStack attribute that when applied to a button/link will automatically direct that logged in member to their “member page”

Here’s a walk through of that:

Thanks! So I do most of that when setting up the original member page. Where I am getting stuck is when I pass through the slug of a second page via memberstack I am having trouble making it work with a button.

To give more context. I am creating a sales rep activity tracking platform. Each member has another collection page in a separate collection which is specific to that member, their “stat page”.

I added the slug to each member’s stat page as a field in memberstack and then tried to use a data attribute on a button to make it such that when the button is clicked it would navigate to that member’s stat page.

However, when I try, the button will not redirect.

I see. Yea that won’t work. But…you can use a quick bit of Javascript to:

  1. Access that value via the MemberStack front-end api
  2. Apply that value to the href of the link

Now when the user clicks that link, they’ll go where you intended.

Totally un-tested code, but something like this…

MemberStack.onReady.then(function(member) {
    let statPage = document.getElementById('your-stat-page');
    statPage.href = member['StatPage']; // 👈the value of the field you added in MemberStack

Does that help?