"Administrator" accounts that can view all/groups of user-specific pages

  1. Please build something that…
  • Lets me create admin accounts that can view all (or specific sets of) user-specific pages.
  1. This is important to me because…

Two use cases:

  • Staff can view the dashboards of all of our clients, so they can assist with sales & delivery
  • Team leads can view the dashboards of all their team members, so they can monitor progress and
  1. My current workaround is…
  • Staff view dashboards in webflow back end (messy, slow, distracting)
  • Team leads have to pair with a staff member (unscalable and blocking sales)

Hey Michael, this is likely possible to do now with a little creative thinking and dev assistance. My caveat would be needing to see your setup and understand exactly what you’re trying to do. If you’re using Webflow and MemberStack already, you’re way ahead.

Up for a chat? If so, DM me.