Allow `memberPage` update with `member.updateProfile`in API

I (happily) followed the automating user generated page tutorial in Zapier, and I’m recreating it using the MemberStack Webhook + Front End API, and the WebFlow CMS API running on NodeJS. I’ve successfully recreated every step, except I’m unable to update the memberPage from Webflow as such, since it’s not an included field in the Sign Up form, as per the API specifications e.g. –

MemberStack.onReady.then(function(member) {
     "memberPage": "clients/sample-page"
   }, false)

Wouldn’t it be possible to achieve this since Zapier has access? Otherwise, would you considering adding this functionality to the MemberStack API (assuming I’m not mistaken).

Hi Devon, this is great question.

We opted to not allow the member page to be updated via the frontend API. If we did, then theoretically members could just assign themselves to any hidden page. Or even to give themselves access to other member pages.

That’s why the member page can only be updated via Zapier and through the dashboard.

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got it. makes sense! thanks for the response.

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