Allowing a one-time purchase independent of a monthly subscription + Webflow

Hey all, I’m new to the forum because I’m stumped. I’m not even sure how to phrase the question(s) I have but I’ll do my best as I can’t post examples or links (client project).

We are making a website (in Webflow) that has a bunch of videos which are only accessible if someone has paid for a monthly subscription through Memberstack. This works flawlessly. HOWEVER, we also want to offer special courses called masterclasses that are sold a la carte at a fixed price. The Wedblow CMS has this covered and each masterclass is a collection list, not a static page (so we can make a dynamic course player for each one), but that really doesn’t make a difference BECAUSE we only want these to be accessible only after someone has paid for them.

This is the obvious outcome, but despite how many different methods and services I’ve researched (including the extremely convoluted tutorial by Mackenzie Child) , I cannot figure out how to do this. We also are using a Samcart checkout, so that probably further complicates things, but it really doesn’t matter what payment method is used, the result (or lack thereof) is the same.

Bottom line, we want someone to be able to click on the masterclass they want to buy, pay for it, then be taken to that courses page, AND have memberstack remember this whether or not they are signed up for the separate monthly subscription.

I considered just making a membership for each masterclass (there are 10 right now), but the members only content items are global across all memberships, meaning that “upgrading” would either lock them out of the courses or open them all whether they paid or not. The monthly collection and one-time collections need independent access under the same login depending on what they pay for, so we are basically talking about multiple paywalls. Ideally, we should be able to choose which members only content is available or not in any given subscription without affecting or depending on the others. I need help!

Thanks for any feedback you can offer.

Hey Tim, this is something I’m looking to solve too, but haven’t yet. I’m working on an experiment this weekend with memberstack and stripe directly, but not sure yet. I’ll report back if there’s progress. If you’ve heard anything would love to hear.