Am I able to sell team accounts?

Hi there.

I am developing a talent discovery platform, and some of our prospective clients would like to pay for a “Team” account. Technically speaking, they would want to create user accounts for 5-10 people, so that they could log in to my website whenever they want without sharing the access to one account.

I am using Webflow for the website and platform, so my assumption is that I will have to create some kind of joint solution using Memberstack and Webflow. I just don’t quite understand how.

Does anyone have any tips for achieving this?

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Hey @shotcrew, would having each team member go through a sign-up flow that ends with payment details work?

Alternatively, you can create custom monthly pricing plan/membership for each team depending on the # of members they want to bring into your service?

If only the owner is paying, once they finish signing up (maybe with a minimum starting price of $xyz for 1 team member), you should be able to directly update their pricing + ask for more payments via Stripe, right?

You can also make the initial CTA on your website say something like ‘Starting at $49/mo/member’ so it’s clear. Hope that helps!