Amount choose by Members

Hi Memberstack,

it would be great to have the option that Members can individually choose or enter the amount the want to pay for the membership. In a perfect world it would be possible to choose between recurring and one time payments and also an option to change the amount later … to a higher or lower amount (but this would be just the cherry on top)

For the beginning a recurring individual payment would be enough.

We would need this right now for a non profit NGO because of legal and tax reasons (don’t ask me for the details, this is what they told us.

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Thanks for the feature request!

Idea/question: Could your client get by with a dropdown list of possible payment options? Something similar to this:

I assume not… but this sort of setup is possible now. Figure I’d ask just in case :slight_smile:

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Unfortunately not, we proposed this workaround/solution but it needs to be 100% individual and the Members must enter the amount themselves.
Any amount between 1,- and … actually not sure about the max. value cause this depends on the credit card spending limits also … but 1.000,- could be something to consider.

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