Anyone had much luck with Rewardful?

I’m looking to use Rewardful as a referral platform (with my Memberstack site), but does anyone have any experience of actually working with this?

I want a user to be able to refer another, and to get a credit applied to their account instead of earning a commission. In the Rewardful docs it looks like this is possible, but I’m not sure how Memberstack would handle this.

Will Memberstack display anything during checkout that indicates that a coupon would be applied @DuncanHamra @belltyler?

I guess they wouldn’t see that the coupon would be applied until they had pressed the ‘sign up’ button, right?

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Hey Alastair! Turns out there’s a bug in the mix :confused:

Will update when we have something here.

hey Duncan, any update?

Yea I’m looking into implementing Rewardful now but has the above-mentioned bug been fixed?