Anything to prevent a login being used by multiple different users?

Is there anything built into Memberstack to prevent there being log-ins from multiple different IPs / a user to be logged in and accessing hidden content at the same time in multiple different locations?

I just want to understand how easy it is to ‘share’ a log-in.

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Hey Alastair :wave:

Currently, there is no ip limitation for logins. So if someone shared their email and password the info could be seen by other people. im putting this feedback in our insight roadmap list. :smiley:

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understood, thanks @Josh-Lopez.

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And there is any way to do block multiple logins at the same account with a custom code embed in the website html or some js… because this limitation is a big problem I think.

First because memberstack is loosing clients and know that o know this issue, how can I convince my clients to pay for this?

Except for that, the tool is great but with this issue, I don’t really know if will keep using memeberstack until this is fixed.

@Josh-Lopez or any other memberstatck team member, do you any workaround?

Hey Pathfinders :wave:

Welcome, and thank you for posting in the forum! :partying_face:

Thank you for the feedback! Just added this to our insight roadmap list! :smiley:

Do you have any thoughts on how this could work? Any additional info that could help is welcomed.

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Well i’m not a developer since my background is Design so i was expecting your team would have this idea already in mind for implementation. Like @Alastair_Budge said, it could be blocked to the IP or to the device that makes the login.

Well i mean, is it possible for me to share my memberstack password with other work colleagues so we can be both logged in at the same time in the same account working in different projects?

I bet it isn’t possible because like this, you’re loosing a lot of clients…my opinion doe… I integrated Memberstack with webflow and webflow doesn’t allow multiple logins at the same account so if you guys have no idea how to achieve this, talk to them because you’re partners so would be from their interest to help you with this because more clients for member stack will mean more clients to webflow, just an idea…

I think this thread should not only go to the roadmap list but should be a top priority!!

@Pathfinders - those are great points! We’re definitely taking this into account and trying to address the feedback here. Rest assured, we’re trying our best to address this! :smile:

It seems there are two issues here. Direct authentication/duplication which would require a token of sorts (ie. are you logged in now - ping) OR a throttle limit switch which would simply soften and limit the volume of users in a given amount of time. I’m all for the second option, as I have content that if tweeted or socially shotgunned could have implications on my server costs.

Would it be possible to simply have an adjustable limit that we control at to how many logins can occur per each specific user within a hour. I know from experience that if it’s too low and the user has a poor connection/computer it can frustrate them even more to get blocked. I don’t want to handle login complaints, just prevent a cavalcade or avalanche of moochers.

Thanks, Rick


Hey Richard :wave:

Welcome, and thank you for posting in the forum! :partying_face:

Thank you for the feedback!

This is absolutely necessary. Specially I have a business subscription option, businesses can decide to add/buy multiple user subscriptions. This will be so cool


Thanks for your reply! I hope you manage this soon! keep it up :wink:


Given that there is no limitation on multiple people using the same login at the same time, is there any way of tracking this that anyone can suggest?

I use Heap with MS, which is great. But I can’t see whether it will just create one big ‘user session’ if there are multiple users logged in with the same credentials from different devices…