API integration missing hidden profile fields

I would like to be able to pull my inventory numbers from Memberstack members’ profiles in my website to Webflow CMS so that their e-commerce system shows the up-to-date inventory quantities. However, Zapier’s Memberstack integration 1.2.0 is showing me only the visible fields. I needed to hide many of the fields within Memberstack because there are so many. Is there a way to view all fields in Zapier or another API integrator?

I also reached out to the NoCodeAPI team to see if they would take up this project. It’s worth working with other small businesses as opposed to large companies as much as possible.

I switched to another member in Zapier and now it seems to show all fields. Glad that works as far as I can tell. Now I have to figure out why Webflow’s variant fields aren’t showing up.

NoCodeAPI still seems like a good integrator too!

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Hey Brian :wave:

I am glad you were able to resolve this issue! If you need any other help, let me know! :grinning: