Approve/Deny new member signups

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A client has requested to be able to monitor new registrations/signups by a confirmation email. Is this possible yet with Memberstack? I’m aware that you can lockdown signups per email/domain, but is there another way they can approve/deny who signs into their hidden content?
Failing this will they have to manually monitor their members list or indeed introduce a payment as a deterrent to unwanted members.

Hi @Cormac_Kerrigan I’m in the middle of creating a screencast at that walks through how to setup exactly this.

In the mean time, If you’d like to quickly hack together an “invite” system, it’s fairly simple. For this example I’m assuming you’re using Webflow…

  1. Create a native Webflow form that only asks for an email
  2. Use Integromat to capture that form submit
  3. Have Integromat add that email to an Airtable base
  4. Have Integromat send an email to you (or your client) about the new request
  5. If you’d like to approve the request, move that to a new Airtable view
  6. Have Airtable automatically send an email invitation out to any newly added records (in this view)
  7. Have a link in that email to a hidden MemberStack “signup” page
  8. If you like, you could pass the email in the url, have some custom code grab it, pre-populate the signup forms email address, and disable that email address field. Now the user can only add a password.
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I’m currently out of the office until Nov 9th. If your query is urgent, you can leave a message with the office on 041 213 7048, otherwise I will speak to you on my return.