Archive memberships

I archived all my membership plans temporarily because we dont want people to be able to sign up for a while. But when I tested it on the website, I WAS able to sign up, and it accepted and charged my credit card. Is this a bug?

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Answered in chat so posting the answer here if anyone else has the same question:

The archive feature is currently not working, whilst we are looking into the problem the best way to prevent folks from signing up is to remove the data attributes from your site, this works by “blocking” people from accessing that page by hiding it with Memberstack or removing any links to the page on your site.

Give us a shout if anyone needs any further help with this😀


While I appreciate being able to remove member stack code from the page in order to prevent people from signing up, a simple on/off switch for memberships should be a no-brainer, and for my clients, who pay for member stack services, it is a feature they thought they had.

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