Assigning a password to new signups

I’d like to have a signup form with no password field, where all new signups are automatically assigned set password (I’ll notify them of the password in an email).

I know I can do this in Memberstack because it says so here:

But can someone tell me how to implement this? That help page gives the following code but says nothing about where to put it, or how.

<input type=“password” style=“display:none;” value=“q34qurq3289q9n9we8rqn" ms-field=“password” disabled>

Anyone have any pointers? Thank you!

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Hey Justin, you’ll need to add that to a custom signup form on your site.

Are you using a site builder that supports data attributes (Webflow, HTML/CSS, or Duda)?

If so, you’ll need to create a signup form that goes something like this.

  1. The form element has data-ms-form="signup"
  2. The email field has data-ms-form="email"
  3. And your hidden password field goes somewhere inside the form.


<form data-ms-form="signup">
   <input type="email" data-ms-member="email">
   <input type=“hidden” value=“q34qurq3289q9n9we8rqn" data-ms-member=“password”>
   <input type=“submit” class="button" value="Create an account">

Does this help? I can provide a more helpful answer once I know what site builder you’re using.

I’m using Webflow, I just don’t get where I’m supposed to put the extended code chunk you kindly gave me above @DuncanHamra. Thanks for responding! I understand how to do the custom attributes because I’ve done them for everything else in the Memberstack setup. Thanks for anything else you can advise.

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Got it! This should help then

<input type="hidden" id="pw" name="setpw" value="2384sso89dsd8sd96a7" data-ms-member="password">

Ah great, thank you! Inserting a new HTML embed in the middle of the form like that — was the not-obvious part. Thanks!

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I get it all to work, but my password box isn’t hidden when I’ve published the site. Any ideas?

Hi there, I’m trying to do the same thing for a client but it doesn’t work. What attributes shall I give to the submit button? Could you share your project please? THanks!!

Hi there, I think I got something wrong. Do you have to give attributes to the submit button? THanks!!