Authorising users

I am currently trying out memberstack which in the main looks great but for us I see two limitations

1: I want to be able to Pre-authorise members: the work around I see is using another way of creating a member with a temporary password and then not having a sign up button at all - using Airtable and Zapier to send information over. This does have the problem of making the stripe payment process less useful.

2: I want to be able to make people members of multiple sites with the same username and log in - I am not sure this is possible.

Does anyone have a better work around to number 1 and an answer / solution to number 2.


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We agree having a better way to pre-authorise members would be a great feature. I am adding your feedback about this into our customer insight roadmap. For the second question, this is possible if you use your same header code on the other sites. The downside of this is the users would have to login on each site separately since they are different domains. :smiley:

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Just to clarify, Is this article the workaround you are referring to?