Authorization on static pages question


If you had a URL of a memberstack secured page on a static html site, couldn’t one just turn off JavaScript to access all the content on the page?

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Hi Wayne!

On the power-ups page ( there is a section called “Require Javascript” It’s a small code snippet that when added to a “hidden” page, will kick users off that have JS disabled.

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Quick addition to this question…

Does the require javascript need to be on every page of the site?

More explicitly, does it have to be on any page that would have elements with a MS attribute?

Maybe this is in the help docs and I missed it but I’m trying to understand this a little better.

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Ultimately you should have the require JS snippet on any page that has hidden content.

One easy solution is to create a page that says “Javascript is required to use this site. Please enable.” Then in your site settings, add the snippet where it would be added to every page. You would set the snippets redirect to the new page you created.

This is what Amazon, Gmail, Netflix, and other websites do.


Thanks for the tip, Tyler.