Auto generated memberstack accounts

I have an automation that creates a memberstack with some if the info that people put on a different paywall and I’m doing through Zapier. So far everything works ok, but I don’t know how to notify the person that the system has created the account for with its username and the automated password Memberstack created througj the Zapier step.

Can anybody shade some light on how to do thisp please?


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Hey Aaron :wave:

Add an email step after the Create Member step. You should have access to the user’s name, email, password etc.

Actually, I’m not sure about the password. You may need to set a manual password in order to access it via Zapier.

Hey @DuncanHamra

I tried that but password is not one of the fields available.

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Idea: what if you manually set the password, and then provide that same password in the email?

Not the best in terms of security, but you could change the default password every few weeks.

Thanks @DuncanHamra that’s what I ended doing and sending them a recommendation to change it the moment they access the first time.

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