Auto-recognize member fields in profile forms

Is there a way to collect member info in profile forms automatically without individually defining these fields? I have a lot of fields to collect info about members’ products and variants, so that would be super helpful, especially if I can group fields for easier viewing and field management.

Hey Brian :wave:

Happy to help! Can you break down your question a little further please? What info would you want to be added automatically and where is the data coming from?

I have several profile pages in my member dashboard, each with the data-ms-form=“profile” or “signup” data attributes. There is one dashboard page for seven products, each with seven variants, so that is a lot of fields to enter manually which is what prompted my question. Thank you for taking this on.

The data-ms-form=“profile” attribute could tell the Memberstack system to look for input fields and automatically grab them all unless there’s an attribute that says to ignore a field.

A screenshot of Cropify’s dashboard is attached to help clarify. I’m also interested in building a member-specific purchase history page so I’d be glad to talk about that with you when you’re ready.