Automated Emails

Hello - I’m using the workaround for “Pending Membership” and ran into a bit of a roadblock.

I understand there’s no option to change the membership - you have to actually delete the “pending” member and create them again.

I guess this will have to do for now - but I’m wondering if you can tell me how I’d be able to send an automated email when we create their new membership with the new credentials… So when we create that new member (change from pending), they’d get an email with new login info.

Let me know if this makes sense. Thanks!

Yes you’re right, currently there isn’t a way to change the Membership (it is coming though!!) have you seen this article: where you can add the signup link to a secret page and users can upgrade/downgrade and change their account themselves?

Let me know what you think of that workaround.

If not we do have an article on sending automated emails: I can walk you through the options if you prefer that instead.

Looking forward to hearing from you and hope you have a great day :smiley:

Hey there Josh - Thanks for the response! I appreciate it.

This workaround won’t cut it for my case, as it’d be too easy for someone to share the link for this signup page for anyone to access (unless I’m missing a detail that ensures more security on this process?)

I’ll take a look at the automated emails article and let you know if I require any assistance.


Hey again - I just learned how to set up a welcome email with Zapier, which is great. I can see us using that feature but it’s not particularly what I’m asking about.

I want to send an automated email with the user’s new login info, which we will have to create after approving the users who signup for our “Pending” membership.

Does that make sense?


Hello again :wave:

Will the new users be on a paid membership? Currently, we only allow creation of new members for free membership plans. The feature to add paying memberships is on our roadmap though. If you are using two free memberships this is another possible security issue like you mentioned before. Anyone could create an account with the other free membership.

I apologize we do not have pre-approved memberships yet. I agree that this is would be an amazing feature! I personally would love to have it. We are working hard on creating new features and are currently expanding the development team. I cannot give you an ETA on this just yet though.

Hey! Thanks for the response.

For now - we’re only using a free membership option on our website.

Regarding the workaround, since pre-approved memberships aren’t an option at this point -

  1. Trigger an automated email to send when we manually create new members.

  2. In automated message, will have to ensure the passwords we create are consistent for all users, and to login with the email they used initially.

  3. They can login with this new info, and change their password from the dashboard.

Haven’t tested this on any scale but I don’t see why it wouldn’t work - if you have a better idea lmk.


Hey Preventure :wave:

This sounds like the only workaround currently. :grinning: