Automatic CMS User profiles with Zapier

I´ve been following the tutorials available for the Zapier integration to create automatic CMS user pages. However, I am having issues, as the site appears to be empty once the registration is complete, and the buttons to access the page are hidden! What i’ve noticed so far is that the “member pages” aren’t being updated automatically. Can anyone help?

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Hi @Chase_Hubbard. That’s a result of Zapier. Sometimes it takes Zapier 5-10 minutes to process the zap (depending on your plan). One solution is to trigger an email when the zap is complete. This email should contain a link to the page with the dashboard button on it.

The signup success page should say something like “We’re creating your account! Please check your email in the next 5-15 minutes for a link to your dashboard.” I added a loader to mine.

BTW - Zapier can take up to 15 minutes, but usually only takes a few seconds.

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