Automatic credit card modal

There’s a problem with customers who accidentally sign up for a paid membership plan without entering credit card information. Some of them are just testing out the system, and they’d prefer to switch to free membership or enter a coupon code for a free trial.

The credit card modal keeps popping up when they try to get the dashboard, so they’re not able to pursue either option, the coupon or free plan. Is there a way to add those options to the automatic pop-up modal window?

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Hi Brian :wave:This is something we need to improve ASAP. I’ll pass along this along to the dev team, and let you know when there’s progress here.

I do have one question though… do you know how they are accidentally signing up for a paid membership without entering a credit card? I’m guessing there’s a free trial on that plan?

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Yes, there are free trials on all the plans. I think it’s good that people don’t have to enter a credit card up front because it lowers that barrier to entry (at least for my site).

It happened to me too. I signed up with a free trial, and then the system was prompting me to enter my credit card even though I’m a site admin and wanted to enter a coupon code to let myself in. If there’s a way to link directly to that modal window showing the membership plan info, I might be able help troubleshoot a little better. I was able to see in Stripe that my friend paid for a plan, but he was telling me he couldn’t get into the membership dashboard after that.

Thanks for getting on this, Duncan. Is there a way I can open the membership modal without prompting the user to sign up (for people who are already logged in)?

Hey Brian :wave:

Yes you can do this! This is called the profile modal. Here is a link with all the information. :grinning:

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