Automatic invoices


I am thinking of joining Memberstack but I want to know if there is a way to automatically send invoices to customers who buy an online membership. You can of course do this manually for the first members… but when it’s recurring yearly and you have a fair amount of members (let’s say higher than 1.000) sending invoices will become a fulltime job if you keep doing it manually.

Is there a way in this program to do this?

I would love to hear more from you!

Hi Daisy!

You can 100% automate invoices :grinning: Since we integrate with Stripe, you can actually configure Stripe to automatically send out invoices.

In your Stripe account go to Settings -> Subscriptions and emails -> Scroll down till you see “Email finalized invoices to customers” -> toggle it on.

Please let us know if this solves the invoice problem for you.

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