Basic e-commerce customer accounts

I see a lot of information regarding Memberstack and membership-based sites, but I have a basic Webflow ecommerce site on which I need to create customer accounts to capture order history and basic data. Is memberstack a good option for this?

Hi Stephen!

If your looking for basic info i believe webflow does cover this in their ecommerce section.

Here is more info from webflow

I hope that’s what your looking for. If not just add a comment here and I will try and help you further. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the answer Josh! I’m actually looking for the ability for customers to access a saved account with basic information like their shipping/billing address, previous orders, etc.

ah ok. What are you selling? Right now I believe Memberstack is just for memberships. They do have awesome user profiles and stuff but not for selling individual products yet.

I beleive has something your looking for that is coming out soon and can integrate with webflow. Found this info here

I hope you figure out your problem. I tried to help. :slight_smile: