Best architecture for displaying a lot of results for members with WF +MS +Air +Zap stack?

TLDR: I’m trying to get information from an Airtable base (a few hundred ‘matches’ with around 5 characteristics each, for a few thousand members) into a member webpage.

Question: Can you help me and suggest the best architecture on how to achieve this without running into the limitations of each of the stack components?

I’m trying to get the following done and am considering a stack consisting of Webflow (with CMS) + Memberstack + Zapier + Airtable.

There are most likely a number of possible ways to do this, but I’m struggling to get the best approach considering the limitations that each of the stack items has.

What I’m trying to achieve:

  1. A matching platform between two types (A & B) of users.
  2. Signup profile for type A has 15 characteristics
  3. Signup profile for type B has another 15 characteristics (I think this is covered by the memberstack example on agency / freelancer multi step signup)
  4. I’ll do some weekly analysis and matching of type A and type B based on their characteristics (probably in Airtable)
  5. Display results of their matches in their member section. So type A will see who they have been matched with from the type B members, including a number of their characteristics. It should be able to show a user 100+ matches with each 5 characteristics.

For this proof of concept phase I’m looking at a solution that can handle at least a few thousand of both type A as well as type B members.

The trickiest part seems to be to find a good solution for displaying the matches on their member site.

Option 1: I was considering to use webflow CMS collections for displaying on the member section only. So I would populate the CMS collection with data from Airtable. However it seems that the limit for Webflow CMS would be 10k members and if each member would be an item I would struggle to have the associated matches with all their characteristics (100*5) be all the columns of that item/

Option 2: I was also considering an easy route by using the airtable views and use the gallery / kanban views for displaying the results to the members. However this would require each member to have their own view on a ‘matching results’ table in Airtable and I’m not sure if creating thousands of views on a single table would be the best approach (something tells me it isn’t)

Option 3? I’m not sure if I can use the memberstack profile database and add all the information for all the matches in the memberstack member profile and display it through memberstack.

Option 4? -> If I go a bit more technical I’m assuming I can have all the information load into the member section webpage directly from Airtable, data point by data point. Not sure how that works, but it feels like the cleanest approach and have airtable act as the kind of database you’d use.


Hey Friso :wave:

Welcome, and thank you for posting in the forum! :partying_face:

I honestly do not have much experience with the stack you are working with. However I do know of someone who does. Check out Connor Finlayson. He is a wizard with the stack you speak of. :grinning:



Hi @Fri :wave: @Josh-Lopez has a great suggestion, you should review all of his stuff for some clues. His site is always helpful.

All that said, here are some of my thoughts…

If you are storing your data in Airtable, and using Webflow as your front end, I’m thinking that you could use Zapier as your middle layer.

From a Webflow form submit, you can send Zapier all of the search criteria you need, from within Zapier, you could execute a search against Airtable via that form submitted criteria.

Zapier receives the search results from Airtable, and Zapier then inserts them into the Webflow CMS. You either prompt the user to refresh the browser page, or a quick Javascript snippet does it for them, and a Webflow Collection List Element simply displays what’s in the Webflow CMS.

I haven’t tried exactly all of this yet, I have done many parts of what I’ve just mentioned, but it sounds reasonable to me.

Make sense?

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Hi Chris, thanks for your help! I think something like that would work and is along the lines of what I was thinking as well (except for the javascript snippet). I was thinking of just updating the Webflow CMS whenever a change to the airtable table had happened.

The limitation is in the webflow CMS with 2000-10000 items and 20 collections and 30 fields (columns). I haven’t worked it out completely but I think I may get quite far by extensively using the reference fields to link collections.

I would have 1 collection with all the members type A and B (column 1 member_id)
I would have a 2nd collection with all the matches referencing to the member_ids. That way I can have 29 matches in this collection. If I replace the final field to another collection with matches 29-58.

I can then hopefully display all these matches using the Webflow Collection component which should allow you to display all the fields that are linked through references.

If anyone has any ideas on how to improve this, that would be great :slight_smile:

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I always have a few of suggestions for this.

  1. Buy your way out of the issue by making sure you’re paying for this highest tier (10k items, etc…)
  2. Once you’ve hit that limit, start a conversation with Webflow directly to get those limits lifted for your account specifically
  3. If that still doesn’t work, it’s time to move off of Webflow for hosting your site :scream:Webflow is great until it’s not :slightly_smiling_face:You can continue using MemberStack, Zapier, and all of your add-on components, you now just need to export your Webflow site, host it on something like Netlify, and hire a programmer to fill in the functionality that Webflow was giving you.

These options may not be the most desirable choices for you, but they will involve the least headaches and allow you to focus your time on your business/product/etc…

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