[BUG] Applying interactions to elements with member page link

MemberStack Team,

I was trying to apply some interaction to a button that redirects to the member page. It was possible to see on preview mode but it was disappearing once the animation was published. Then I tried many solutions until I found out that the problem was with linking anything to the member page and applying interaction. Could you please confirm if this is a bug? Bellow, I let my example where is quite simple to see.


Looking forward to hearing from you.

Igor da Paixao

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Hi Igor :wave:

Webflow says: “Couldn’t load that page. That page has been deleted, so we’ve redirected you to the project’s homepage.”

One important thing to know is: Memberstack will automatically hide the button if a member doesn’t have a member page set. I wonder if that may be the issue here?

@DuncanHamra Can you elaborate on that last comment? I am having that issue. I’m testing a memberstack site. The ‘members area’ link is there when the site loads. I login and have access to gated content. When I go back to the home page the ‘members area’ link is gone. What am I missing?

Hey @cevanert! Could you share a staging version of the site or screenshots/video to share what’s happening? We’d need to see the overall workflow and what you’re trying to achieve so we can help trouble-shoot :slight_smile:

Feel free to DM if you prefer that instead.

Thanks, Natik. Another member of your team pointed out the error. Newbie misunderstanding on my part!

But I learned that the log in link would disappear as a default when logged in so all I had to do that is create a ‘members area’ link that would show once logged in but would not show if not logged in. Essentially the links replace each other depending on if you’re logged in or not. But thanks for checking in!

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Sounds good, glad to hear you got it sorted! :grin: