Bulk delete members

I have about 1300 spam members. Is there a way to bulk delete them?

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How do you know these are spam? Do they all end in the same domain?

They are all in Russian. The names and emails are clearly spam. The signups happened in a few batches of a hundred within like an hour. Here are some examples.

Hey Jonathan :wave:

I talked to the dev team. They do not have the ability to do a search and delete for language. If they all had something else to search on like @russia.com that was unique for all the spam they could delete all of them. There’s also the question of how to prevent this in the future from happening again. Ill talk to them more and try to come up with a better solution.

Hi Josh,

I imagine there are many reasons one might want to bulk delete besides an influx of spam users. I have one: I’ve built a company intranet for a company that has 200 employees. A mistake was made in the CSV upload. Want to delete all the members before uploading the 200 again, but deleting one by one will take ages.

A quick solution to bulk delete (which would probably also be quite beneficial for Jonathon Horst than nothing at all) would be to provide the Select (checkboxes) and Group Action functionalities. Bonus points for Shift+Click to check a range of rows — like in Gmail. Extra bonus points for giving users the option to view larger amounts of members on one page in Memberstack.