Calculations based on membership data

Hey guys,

Just hoping to get some input on something before I spend too much time on it.

I am building a dashboard for my members to view data on the amount of carbon they’re offsetting. Currently, my plan is this:

When a new member signs up, they’re pushed into Airtable where the signup date is recorded. I then have a formula giving an integer for the number of days they have been subscribed. That integer is then multiplied depending on the data I want to show. For example, in 100 days, they would offset say 250 kg of carbon. My formula for that data field is simply 100*2.5. I then plan to push that number into a custom field for that member so I can display it on their dashboard.

I have a feeling there might be an easier way to go about this. Is there a way to perform those multiplications using custom code? I.e. if I could push the signup date from Memberstack to the code, could the code then make the necessary calculations and display the result?