Can I add Membership Profile Datato a searchable Webflow Collection?

I want to allow people to join, and answer a series of questions for their profile when they sign up. I Then want to present that information in a searchable format on the Webflow site so people can view the various profile information of the people they are looking for. This would be a searchable directory of professionals. Can this be done?

Yes this is possible.

For the registration you need to setup multi step signup, Memberstack has a tutorial on this.

And you can use jetboost for the search part.

Please message me if you have any problems.


Totally doable.

You’ve already got one great answer on how to approach this, let me follow up with an approach that I use, too.

I allow the member to register and upon successful registration, I present some screening options. Based upon the answer to those screening options, I display content relevant to them. Each screening options maps to a tag, on your content (profile information) within your Webflow CMS. This doesn’t solve 100% of your ask (you mentioned searching) but this will get you about 90% there: