Can I add the Membership data to Webflow collection?

I want to allow people to join, and answer a series of questions for their profile when they sign up. I Then want to present that information in a searchable format on the Webflow site so people can view the various profile information of the people they are looking for. This would be a searchable directory of professionals. Can this be done?

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Hey Neil :wave: It’s certainly possible!

We’ve had a few users setup really robust and complex nocode web apps with Webflow, Zapier, and Google sheets or Airtable. But I must warn you: We didn’t build Memberstack with this sort of functionality in mind and aren’t able to offer support for the 3rd party services required to make a site with public profiles possible.

Here’s a great example by Connor Finlayson:

He even created a tutorial video to show you how its done.