Can I add VAT after few months of going live?

Hey Guys,

Is it possible to add VAT to my subscription in the later stage?
is there any changes I can make in the subscription or will I have to create new memberships?

Hey Mansoor :wave:

Great question! Yes, you can edit a membership and add taxes later. Taxes are percentage-based currently. Would you be willing to share more information on why you need taxes? We are trying to understand our customers as much as possible. :smiley:

Hey Josh,

Thats great that I can do that. Well in UK after 85k sale threshold I must charge vat/submit vat.
But I don’t want to charge my customers before as my subscriptions are expensive.


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@Mann I had a similar issue.

But for you, it sounds like it shouldn’t be a problem with MS.

Let’s say your subscriptions are £100 at the moment.

When you pass £85K in annual revenue, you will need to charge VAT, so £100 + 20% = £120.

Memberstack just allows you to ‘add taxes’ to this, so your current members will be charged £120, not £100.

Of course, if they are businesses then this shouldn’t really matter (as they’ll reclaim it).

But if you want to absorb the VAT yourself, and keep their charge at £100, and therefore your price is £83.33 (+ £16.67 VAT), then you’ll need to move them onto a different membership.