Can I build a "Classifieds" website using MemberStack?


I have a client that needs a website that will essentially act like Craiglist, where people sign up for an account and would need to be able to list items on the site on their own (without admin help) that end up on a “market” page, users and other site visitors can see the listings. They wouldn’t need to make purchases through the site. Pretty much like Craigslist.

The site would be built on Webflow.


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Hi Aaron, how are things going with your project?

I’m adding this to our list of template/tutorial ideas for next year. I haven’t built a site like this before, but I’m confident it’s possible with the right tools.

Hey Duncan,

I started messing with it yesterday. There’s a lot to Memberstack itself that I need to learn still. I cloned one of your dashboard templates and am going to mess around with it. My main question is if it’s possible for a member of the site to post a listing on their member dashboard that then populates the “marketplace” listing page. I’m wondering if I can do it solely through Webflow and Memberstack of if I need some other tools using Zapier.

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You’ll definitely need something like Zapier to pass data between systems.