Can I hide a CMS item (not collection) after an action?

Hey all,

Loving Memberstack so far. I have a website that allows users to book travel activities. I have a ‘book now’ button displayed for premium members. Once they book their activity, I would like to hide the activity to the member so that they can’t rebook. To do this I would either need to hide the CMS item or the ‘book now’ button (just for that member).

Does Memberstack allow anything like this yet?

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Hey @lundberg! I actually want this same functionality for a page I’m working on.

It requires a bit of custom code and member metadata to “remember” that a user clicked on a button and then to hide/disable the button.

I’ll follow up when we have something working. Maybe another community member already has some code to share.


Ah this is good to know. Please update me when you have a solution!

As a side-issue, I’d love to display the activities booked by a user in their dashboard. I’ve seen that I can have user-specific dashboards, but is there any way to display activities booked (I would register that a user has booked an activity when they click ‘confirm’ on a booking).

Either way I’m super excited for the future of Memberstack :smiley:

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My site records and displays a user’s activities. It updates a log when the user downloads a document or emails a document. I use MemberStack’s metadata to log the activity. For example, when a user clicks a download button, I add downloading information to an array in metadata. Here is example code for logging downloads.

MemberStack.onReady.then(async function(member) {
var metadata = await member.getMetaData()

if (!metadata.Downloads) {
	var memberActions = {
		Downloads: []
	createdate: createDate,
	filename: attachmentName

For retrieving the download activity to display on the user’s dashboard, I use the following to get the contents of the Downloads array (which I then parse and display in a table on the dashboard).

MemberStack.onReady.then(async function(member) {
	var metadata = await member.getMetaData()
	var downloadData = metadata.Downloads;
	//Then parse downloadData and display the contents in the dashboard

Thanks Scott, this is fascinating. I’m not much of a developer but I’m going to investigate and see what I can do with a friend of mine. Thanks so much!

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