Can I use Memberstack authentication in my own API?

I’m developing a SaaS app with Webflow and am considering using Memberstack for authentication. I also need to make calls to my own API though.

Is this possible? I need to be able to receive a JWT or something and then hit Memberstack to confirm the authentication. If there is no solution to this I sadly won’t be able to use MS but I want to very bad. It looks like a great solution!


Hi Zac!

Can you describe the perfect solution here? This will help me determine if what you are trying to do is currently possible with Memberstack.

Also, we will be adding many dev related features this year so if we don’t have a solution now, we will!

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I want to be able to use MemberStack in webflow to solve my authentication and membership issues on the front end. This is the generic use case for MS.

I also need to be able to get an API call on my backend with some sort of token (JWT is commonly used), and then be able to hit a MS API to validate the token. This is what Firebase does which allows me to use Firebase authentication independently from their real time database so I do this exactly.

To go a bit further in depth there, I use Firebase’s JS library on the front end to sign users in and handle authentication on the website. I then wanted to let the users hit my API so each API call takes an auth token, and I used their Go library to validate the token.

Hopefully that’s enough info, but let me know if you have any more questions. To sum it up, without this functionality I’ll be completely blocking myself from developing my own APIs if I choose to use MemberStack, which is necessary for my use case. :frowning:


I’m also looking for this solution. My webapp accessed by a membership. The value of the app is that a page calls an API (that I built) that returns information.
As I understand Memberstack I can protect the page so that it redirects to a login page if the user is not logged in.
What I worry about is that some tech savvy user can just log in, save a copy of my page, remove the memberstack js, and then use my service for free.
In the backend code of the API i would like to be able to verify that the call was made by a logged in paying member.
I really like what you have created and I think it has great potential but without a solution for the described problem I’m not able to use it. (Except perhaps during the period I run beta testing on my app.)


Has somebody found a solution?

looking for a solution to this as well

Hey folks! We’re actively building Memberstack 2.0 that will enable a ton of functionality for developers. Making steady progress — we have a waitlist here if you’d like to be notified as we make progress: Memberstack — Developer Beta Program

For now, I’ll share some articles here that might help: