Can Memberstack solve my problem?

Hey there :wave:

I’m looking at the feasibility of using Memberstack for a use-case. If someone is able to help, that would be most appreciated.

I’m investigating the feasibility of building a subscription portal. We would like to offer SaaS subscription-based pricing. Subsequently, price products in the form credit instead of cash, which can then be redeemed inside the customer portal in exchange for products/services…
Essentially a token system/virtual wallet scenario…

I.e customer subscribes to a monthly package tier, in return the customer receives credits to the account monthly, they then have X credits in their virtual wallet. The customer can then use these credits to purchase products and services.

How could I achieve this with Memberstack/Webflow?

Thanks in advance

Hi @Lee_Barnard :wave: I don’t believe MemberStack can do this out of the box. I believe you’d have to use MS for the monthly subscription and handle redeeming credits yourself.

That said, building something that redeems credits sounds doable to me with Webflow, MemberStack, Zapier/Integromat, and Airtable.