Can we have a set number of months that a membership is billed for?

Hi Guys,

A site I"m building needs the ability to have 12 different memberships.

Each membership will have it’s own initial price, and then a monthly rolling price after that.

Each membership will run for a different amount of time - sometimes 3 months, sometimes 6 and sometimes 12.

Is there a way to limit the amount of monthly payments attached to a single membership?

I don’t really want my client to have to manage every single member and remember to cancel them at the right time.

Look forward to an answer!

Thanks a lot,


Hey Tom :wave:

This seems like an awesome project! Currently, we do not have the features you would need to build this. :cry: I am adding this insight to our list though because I think this could be really powerful for others in the future. I also asked the team if there was any workaround they know of to accomplish this and unfortunately we couldn’t come up with any.

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