Can you integrate with other CMS platforms?

A prospective client of mine hosts her photography, video and audio offerings on, which uses it’s own custom CMS called Format or Portfolio CMS, but maybe it’s something that is a white-labelled offering from Amazon? Has anybody heard of a previous integration?

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Hey Bruce! I haven’t seen anyone use Memberstack on Front, but I’m pretty confident it will work.

Do you have time to give it a try? Our new setup process only takes a few minutes + I’d be happy to jump on a call to guide the way.

Let me know :grin:

Thanks for the reply! I dug a bit deeper into, and found that it’s CMS is something built on AWS. This is outside of my experience level, but I will mention to my prospect that you reached out, and would be interested in seeing if its straightforward. I’ve messaged the folks at to see if they have a perspective on integrating, but haven’t heard back from them. Looks like either AWS DevPay can get implemented, or integration with a solution like yours would be possible, but architecturally, I don’t know which is more robust/straightforward.

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MemberStack should work with any website in the world. Shouldn’t matter how you built that site, or what CMS you used. All you need is access to the HTML < head > element of your site so you can paste in the MemberStack setup code (which is Step 3 of setting up MemberStack).

Here is a 30-second video on where to go in Format to paste that code into your website:

Note that when you’re setting up MemberStack it will first ask you to select your web building tool. If you just select HTML/CSS, that should theoretically work with any website.

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