Can you select the membership you are signing for from the form?

Hey Guys bit stuck here on two things.

  1. Once the user is on the sign up page, is there a way he/she can select the membership they are singing for from the form’s drop down menu? once select the submit button uses that as a trigger to sign for that membership? Or I need to create multiple signup buttons for each membership in the form?

  2. Is there a way to add “Countries” in the sign up form?


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Hey Mansoor :wave:

Interesting questions! This seems like an advanced use case. How experienced are you with javascript? I ask because there may be a way to create a custom form on the page that when the submit button is clicked would click on a hidden button for each membership depending on what is selected in the dropdown. This would require some custom code though. As for the countries list in the signup form, are you talking about the Memberstack modal or a custom signup form? :smiley:

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  1. Not at all experienced in Coding thats why the Webflow + MS :slight_smile: :face_with_thermometer:
  2. Custom form or Modal
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Are these features critical to your business? Why is having countries important to you signup flow? Just trying to understand more. Since you do not have coding experience I do not want to recommend you get a developer to help because if you wanted anything to change you would have to go back to them instead of doing it your self. One alternative to a countries list would be to use google analytics to keep track of users locations. :smiley: