Cancel Membership Button or Link in Webflow

Hello all!

Is there a way to create a button in Webflow/html outside of the Profile modal that would allow a member to initiate a cancellation of their membership?


Hi @jmatias!

That is not possible yet. I’ll add it to the potential feature list!


Hey John! I actually have a workaround for this. You can use this code to hide the cancellation button/change the instructions.

Once that button’s gone, you can give users an easy way to get in touch with you. I recommend a cancel button with a text area so users can explain why they want to cancel. We’re doing something similar on MemberStack.

P.S. If this exact setup doesn’t work for you, you can target and hide element in the profile modal using the ms-lang attributes. Those will never change.


Hi Duncan,

Awesome, Thanks for the info! Taking a look at it now… The set up you created for MS is exactly part of what I was actually thinking about doing.

Giving them the ability to “Cancel Now” which would in effect drop them to a free membership. But I was thinking about possibly giving them the option to “Cancel at end of term” or “Do Not Renew” which would be the standard cancellation at the end of the term.

I’m still not set on which way to set it up but this gives me some more ideas to work with, thanks!


Hi There :smiley:
Is this still impossible? not even with Zapier / Integromat ?


Hey Aviv! Not yet :confused: Would be a great feature though. Will add it to the list.

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Hey @DuncanHamra!

Is this awesome feature still on the roadmap? Any timeline on when this will be available?