Cancelation at End of Term + Term Export

Hey Memberstack,

Saw this thread and wanted to follow up.

Confirming the existing Zap conversation here is the Memberstack Zap not the Stripe Zap? So when a member cancels it is only going to fire when their term is up, not when they actually push the cancelation button?

A related question: as part of our CSV export, could we then request that we get the “current term end date” as part of it? This will help us manage these cancelations and who should have access revoked when.


Hey Jess :wave:

This is correct! :grinning:

I don’t quite understand this question. Can you please give a little more detail?

Right now, when we export the CSV from Memberstack, the CSV export doesn’t include their end of term. So I don’t know when their membership is up outside of Memberstack. As part of our membership is managed through an IG account, I need to be able to export when their term ends and when they cancel so that I can remove them from the IG account accordingly.

In addition, right now, we are seeing our Zaps fire when the person hits the button. Is that because we are still in test mode?

Ah I get it now. This is a great idea. How do you think recurring memberships should be seen in the export? Just curious. Would you mind adding this as a feature request so we can keep better track?

Will add to the feature request. Can you also confirm my second question?

I have another call out that is confusing related to this. When I hit cancel on my membership for a monthly term, I was able to click around outside of the confirmation screen. I still felt like a member – which is what we want here. Your membership is valid through the end of the term. However, when I logged in today, I am able to only see the attached screen. When I click away, I’m automatically logged out and back into the login screen. I can’t do anything.

So this seems counter to the zap trigger happening at the end of the cycle and generally? We want them still to have access until their “term ends.” So even if an annual member cancel 3 months before their membership is done, they will still get access. It just shows that they’ve canceled and it expires on a certain date.

Last thing, I have questions about upgrading/downgrading memberships. Is it possible to schedule a call with our community team regarding this and some of the operations we can put into place?


Hey Jess :wave:

I just had a long talk with the amazing Tyler who is our head developer. We discovered that because you are using gatsby the pages are not refreshing completely which is causing Memberstack not to initialize. Luckily our other spectacular Lydia pushed a new function out that can solve most if not all your issues! When a page is routed somewhere run window.MemberStack.reload() to reload the Memberstack code. We tested this out on different pages within your website using the console and it was fixing the issues. :grinning: :tada:

Hi Josh,

We’ve added additional calls to reload that appear to have fixed the login and forgot password issues. However there was already a call to reload on the join page, so if you believe that calling it again will fix the payment problem, could you please specify when and where we should call it?

@Josh-Lopez any news on seth’s request?

Also still have my outstanding question regarding the cancellation zap. We are seeing it trigger when the person hits the cancel button, not when the term ends. So is this because we are in test mode?

Hey Jess :wave:

The zap fires because you are in test mode. If it was a real member it would wait. :smiley:

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Hey Seth :wave:

Lets schedule a call with you, Tyler, and myself. Ill email you a link to our calendar that you can schedule from. :smiley:

Thanks Josh! Do you know if the member’s status in memberstack also waits until the end of term to flip to canceled? Or is there some other status during that waiting period?

Also heads up, requested the term date end in the export of the csv. This would be such a helpful thing to have for us. LMK if there are any questions!

Hello again!

You are correct, the status will remain to be active until the end of term. :smiley:

I also spoke to Tyler about the csv export and he is looking into it but i do not have an ETA on this currently.

Hey @Josh-Lopez

Hit you up via email as well, but looks like there was a miscommunication about the call? Appreciate any urgency on your end to help us get on the phone with Tyler ASAP.

Thanks so much!

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