Cannot get logged in user on a subdomain


I have webflow website integrated with memberstack running on a
I also have a another application on
and on that sub-domain I try to get user logged in on

I include this
<script src=“” data-memberstack-id="…"
Into a head.

And try todo this:

MemberStack.onReady.then(function(member) {
    console.log('member', member);

but I do not get user, I get an object with loggedIn: false attribute.

I can see ‘memberstack’ cookie shared to

Also POST request to is being made from a,
but it does not return user details.

Please advice.

Thank you.

Hi Justinas!

You can login on and will access to That said, currently it doesn’t work in the other direction.

Logging in on will not give you access to It’s crazy how cookies work :sweat_smile:

It is on my list though to change the way to set cookies so it will work either way. I don’t have an eta on that though.

Hi, thanks for you reply.
Sorry, maybe I did not explain this clear enaugh. Its not other way. Webflow + memberstack is running on Custom app is on
memberstack cookie is present on and still cannot get logged in user:)

Thank you.

Hi Justinas, quick clarifying q:

Are your sign up and login pages on or


Sign up and login is on


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I think that’s the source of the problem. Memberstack can’t pass cookies from one domain to another, so is unaware if a member logs in on

If you move your signup and login forms to it should start working.

We had to do something similar on and It’s considered a “best practice” since each browser treats cookies differently.

Cookies can be passed to a subdomain and it is (memberstack and fcsid) are passed to

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Nice! But the login still isn’t working?

If that’s the case, I do still recommend moving your signup/login pages to the parent domain.