Can't figure out how to use signup/login links

I hope I’m missing something basic… I can’t figure out how to get the signup/login pop-ups to work. I’ve taken the unique links and put them on my page, but when I click the link on a live page, it just takes me back to my home page.

I’ve tried just the slug

and also the slug with my domain name first

Hey Cody!

Quickly looking at your link it looks like your site is created on squarespace. If this is correct have you seen this video yet? I hope this can guide you on the right path. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the link Josh. Yes, I set up the membership and installed the code in my header. All looks normal. I even upgraded and published the membership because i was worried the test mode wasn’t working. But when I try to click on the link, it just brings me back to my site’s home page. No pop-ups :frowning: tried on safari, Chrome, and iOS.

Ok, i’m not sure what happened - maybe there was a delay from when I “published” the membership to when it actually started working. I checked back in today and it’s working